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Go ahead. take the tour.

Pop the hood of Hank's Garage and explore the golden age of American Muscle. With over 60+ meticulously maintained classic and vintage vehicles, Hank's Garage boasts a robust collection. A faint smell of polished leather and high-octane performance makes the space feel alive. The garage isn't just about the cars, though. Discover clever surprises around every corner. The industrial architecture and motorist theme transport you to a different era and works well for casual or formal occasions.

Wide open spaces allow for creativity in event execution and setup. Make the space your own for your next event or use the built in features. Everything is at your fingertips to have an incredible experience.

If you like what you see here, come on down for an in-person tour.

Hanks Garage VenueTour Hanks Garage VenueMotorcycle near the bar at Hanks Garage VenueCars under event space at Hanks Garage VenueWide view of the cars at Hanks Garage VenueBranded table and chairs next to car at Hanks Garage VenueHigh top table at Hanks Garage VenueDrum set at Hanks Garage VenueMotorcycle and memorabilia at Hanks Garage VenueCHeckered table tops at Hanks Garage VenueCustom overhead lighting Hanks Garage VenueBranded high top bar stools at Hanks Garage VenueBar area at Hanks Garage VenueClean commercial kitchen at Hanks Garage VenueCommercial fridge and stove at Hanks Garage VenueCommercial cook top at Hanks Garage VenueUpstairs area at Hanks Garage VenueLooking at the side of the bar at Hanks Garage VenueWide angle view of upstairs area at Hanks Garage VenueCheckered flag theme at Hanks Garage VenuePinball and jukebox machine Hanks Garage VenueLounge area at Hanks Garage VenueBooth seating at Hanks Garage VenueSports memorabilia at Hanks Garage VenueDining area Hanks Garage VenueCustom sign at Hanks Garage VenueCustom car seats Hanks Garage VenueLarge lounge area atHanks Garage VenueBarn door and TV at Hanks Garage VenueHallway with photographs at Hanks Garage VenueBathroom with art at Hanks Garage VenueKeg urinals in bathroom at Hanks Garage Venue

Hank's Garage

405 N 400 W

North Salt Lake, UT 84054

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